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Involved in an Accident at Taman Melawati’s Muamalat

Posted by fadzarafidelic on September 15, 2009

At 530pm today near Bank Muamalat Melawati, im involved in an accident with a motorcycle. The motorcyclist hit the car from the right side. The right side door on the back all ruined and the window glass shattered. The guy who hit my mom’s car fell down and pengsan like 2mins and then he sedar and was asked by the people surrounding the area to calm him down. He walkedto the side and suffered bruised on the face. Nothing more. Just die pening2 lalat mase me and my dad asked for his identification and license.

Did the Police report,and esok claim insurance. Hopefully everything’s fine. Raya takde keta la camni. Sighz

Lucky the motorcyclist wears his HELMETS on and tak ape2. And lucky he didnt hit on the right side on the drivers seat which i was driving at that time. Or else i might be hurt too. Sounded like a tayar meletop, i was shocked, but lega that hes fine.

I dont think so im wrong, coz i gave signal way way early when i wanna get out from the parking spot,and when i see the side mirror that its clear. I just turn…then this happen.POW!

Shocked! But im ok since some guys there say its ok die pengsan je tu. Kau tak salah,kau tengok kete kau,laju tuh die langgar. Die ok,kang gi wat report. Phew!

remukKesian Wasabi……sighz


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