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So Haute + Fad Manaf + Mid Valley

Posted by fadzarafidelic on May 23, 2009

El's Foot

El's Foot

Me at the Back..El

Me at the Back..El

Fad Manaf

Fad Manaf

My converse

My converse

Sesi tenang kan fikiran

Sesi tenang kan fikiran

Credits: Fad Manaf

Credits: Fad Manaf

Rafidelic Photography

0129183523/0132953800 [FADZA]



[NOTICE: This blog will only be available as my personal blog. Rafidelic Photography will have its own blog soon]


5 Responses to “So Haute + Fad Manaf + Mid Valley”

  1. 1412 said

    oh fadza. dah lama kita tak bergambar bersama. rindulah ai dengan yu. hak ptuih!

  2. along said

    da tukar layout!

    sangat tak cantik.
    sangat default.

  3. dhaima said

    Mari kita ber-blogroll?

  4. erwan said

    salam kenal2..one of my teammate jumpa you kt seremban,shoot wedding..just drop by nk tgk web..nice 🙂

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