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Pizza Hut Setiawangsa’s Tentative when me and my fam there for dinner.

Posted by fadzarafidelic on May 18, 2009

830 me and my family arrived. I decided to belanja my family since ive promise them to take em there. so ok we sit down and trying to get the attention of the waiter(so-called)…

Me: *waived waived…looking around..waived at the two wokers that is BUSY chitchating*

10mins later *waived waiiivvinngggg still* then one of em saw me baru la gelabah nk ask for orders

at that time my level of annoyance is mild. y am i annoyed? coz i was hungry, and my mom n dad lapar and kesian to them coz my mom really likes pizza… so she want it so bad since last time.

so finished order we saw bunch of customers sampai later on…and another and another

they take their orders…

20mins after…we saw the customer who came later than us got their meal first…

and another new customer there yg bru sampai got their’s also..and so does the next table..

30-40-ish mins…im feeling so annoyed coz my adik dh lapa..my kakak dh tanya..what more my parents..ksian la dey both lapa..

i started to get really pissed off…coz i hate bad service. i can understand being late, but if ur late serving us,why did the other baru sampai yg dapat dulu?and we left un attend??

so i have to do this..i got up..call one of em and make a gesture by pointing my finger to my watch and shrugged my shoulder…10mins…xsampai gak

5 mins after baru la 3 of em kelam kabut hantar…i almost take my family members out from that place, coz i feel sorry for my mom and dad that they had to wait for so long to get their meals and they’re so hungry!

conlusion? Pizza Hut Setiawangsa (located near carefour n NZ) very bad service. i dont like complaining, but i hate this when it happen while im with my family.

in the end? i went to the counter to pay the bills “service tax rm7.80” …worth it ke?!

i told the cashier “dik,nx time cepat sikit..orang dtg lambat pun dah abes makan,kami tggu lame,ksian la kat org tua.malu la”

so…what do i think of it? well as some of the people that know me, im easily annoyed,i dont easily complaint…but now i do…they suck. Rase cam tanak bayar je…pizza pun kinda cold

Pizaa Hut? name with reputation,but bad bad!

sorry..if anyone from pizza hut read this,well improve…maybe i sound like “sial” ke ape..tapi i hate to see my parents kena tgu for food coz they look really weak just now.



3 Responses to “Pizza Hut Setiawangsa’s Tentative when me and my fam there for dinner.”

  1. diyana said

    this shows that you’re a good son. 🙂

  2. dhaima said

    wahh..dat one still ok..bcoz in my experience, i got up frm d sit and the waiters get a good hell of scolding frm me then i just went off…*hate it*..i can feel ur annoyance!

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