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Efan & Zatyl’s Pre-wedding …The Release

Posted by fadzarafidelic on May 18, 2009

Yesterday was the wedding for Efan & Zatyl reception on Efan’s side. Its great to see that your friend’s longtime love stpry ended up in Happy Ending . As promise to Efan & Zatyl, the pre weds photo will be released after i gave them their copy of the photos. Goodluck and congratz to both of them!


DSC_9588 copy

DSC_9610 copy

DSC_9615 copy

DSC_9617 copy

DSC_9639 copy

DSC_9649 copy




Rafidelic Photography©

0129183523/0132953800 [Fadza]




7 Responses to “Efan & Zatyl’s Pre-wedding …The Release”

  1. Nazz said

    The last few lawa, I likeee 🙂

  2. diha said

    fadza! these pictures are great!!! sukee sgt.. location kat mane ni ek???

    ps: i might hire u once i nk kawin nanti. =)

  3. zatylyaya said

    fadza! thanks for nice prepost wed images..
    we like the picturess..huhuu.
    tapi gamba 1st & 2nd tu mmg sengaje ek muka saya sama encik hubby takde? huhuu


  4. efan said

    gamba besau sgt..
    resize beb!!

  5. mim said

    wow!pic nk dkt2 last tuh shangat menarik ok….siyezzzz
    mantoppp!~~~~~~huhuhuhu =D

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