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One of the best give ever….

Posted by fadzarafidelic on April 20, 2009

On my bday, i was waiting for one txt msg…one particular txt msg…from someone in the middle of the night. But its never came it. Since the phone line offered 24hrs free air time for my bday, i’ve decided to call her. A big gamble, since previously she either canceled my call or she ignored my phone call.

So i just call..ring once…twice..thri…..”hellowww….”

The blood just rush in my head. The feelings came back to me again. Its like a wish that came true. Since our last meeting, i missed her rusty voice on phone whenever she said “hellow”

She picked up…the only thing i could say is “awak ok?…”

Should be another question… so we talked for just 3 mins or so…im glad she did picked up

After awhile, she texted me to wish me luck for my last paper and my birthday

Im glad that shes doing fine….


5 Responses to “One of the best give ever….”

  1. Wani Ardy said


  2. jasmine said

    should have used better lubricant.

  3. along said

    FAJA!!! *suara kasar*

  4. hellmy said

    suara karat.

  5. Wani Ardy said

    lain macam je lubricant tu.

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