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Terima Kasih Buat Kawan-Kawan!!

Posted by fadzarafidelic on April 18, 2009

April 16th 1985, at 1145am Khatijah Ibrahim given birth to a guy name Mohd Fadza Bin Ishak. Me! Thank you for the person who wished me, my family and my friends yesterday! Wani,Omar,Along,Syafiq,Fynn n co,helmy dan lain2 walaupun Liyana nyanyi bday song tungganglanggang hehehehe.

Thank You to all! Wanie Anuar thanks for the shirt too!!

Semalam went to Shah Alam with Wani and Syafiq to see them perform at this Cafe. She performed wit Liyana Fizi of Estrella. And Wani perform with Syafiq with celo. Nice flowing song i might say. Fynn jadi tukang pegang mic wani sampi berpeluh2. Malam tadi tersangat la panasnye tak terperi…peluh bagaikan hujan di muka ku…puas la lap tapi mmg dah dasar kuat berpeluh camnerrr….

Wani were the first performer and followed by Liyana and later on the cafe owner’s band.

Oh i got a surprise bday cake!hahahahahaha…i dont know how to react at all though…hehehe

Thanks all:D

Wani Ardy

Wani Ardy



Wani dan Fynn Jamal

Wani dan Fynn Jamal

Wani Ardy & Syafiq

Wani Ardy & Syafiq

Wani Ardy

Wani Ardy



Liyana Fizi

Liyana Fizi


5 Responses to “Terima Kasih Buat Kawan-Kawan!!”

  1. balqis said

    happy belated birthday. 🙂

  2. ikim said

    heeeeeeeeepiiiii befffdddddddaaayyyyyyyy budakkici! ^_^

  3. wanieanuar said

    your welcome! xD

  4. jasmin said


    i loike~~~

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