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Easing up on pressure

Posted by fadzarafidelic on April 13, 2009

17th of April 2009 will be my last law paper for my final year examination. I will graduate soon i hope. I wish. To know that some thing will come to an end,i found it significant. How you develope friendship throughout matric years up untill your final day of degree. Feels like u know them for forever. U laugh, u studied together, got chase by the guard and asked silly question. Got scolded by a superbly garang lecturer, laugh with a lecturer, sit and have lunch with a very very cool lecturers and professors. U take your lunch alone and later joined by ur friend who happen to walk there and saw u. How u start a conversation and end up laughter all the way till the very end. How our single friend ended up married,how our close friend who we didnt expect to get married now have 2 kids.

How ur friend would be close to you when your about to go to the final exam hall together,how we discuss what we have learned and having the same thought. How we experience life with our own way.

How we end up being roomates. How we end up being locked out from our room accidently after shower when we’re late to class. And having to stand with only towel infront of the door all four of us just to wait for our friend who borrowed our room kaye to “save” us.

How u used to hate that person and then when we talked, its a good common view. How we used to say bad things and our friend try to calm us down. When we’re in blue, friends around us make us laugh by “bahan” the thing that makes us down.

How u jammed together and making a total fool of yourself because of lack practice.

And having a dude who is in the same block who hates to bath and is so smelly. And talked about it in the room and laugh at it with cussing the smell.

The way we go to class, by motorcycle together, walk together and run when we realize we god damn late!

And the way we look at junior girls whos pretty and cun and talking to our self about it because we just too scared to say “hi”

How one of our friend falls in love we try to read all his messeges and terbaca pulak messege intim. Yuckkk!!

And how out friend went to karaoke box having in his mind “APE KAROK2 NI?” and later hes enjoying it like orang tua mabok saying “hehehehehe siyal la kau diinnnnn” hahahaha

All this and more. Gonna end soon

Chambering. Busy. Friend will make their own way. Well life goes on…

All the best KAWAN-KAWAN!!

AIKOL batch 033,041,042 seigg heill!!

Gambar Hiasan. Snapped using Canon 50d(pinjam da)

Gambar Hiasan. Snapped using Canon 50d(pinjam da)


6 Responses to “Easing up on pressure”

  1. Wani Ardy said

    Selamat hari jadi dan selamat menjalani peperiksaan!

  2. OB said

    hepi belated birthday….
    tu 40D aa… 😛

  3. Su said

    Buat yang terbaik utk peperiksaan anda dan buat yang terbaik!

  4. adahjay said

    sedih plak bile aku bace! emm idup dh x mcm dulu lagik! rindunye UNI life!!!!!!

  5. aufa said

    hewlo batch 043 tak termasuk la ni?

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