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Two Times plus Two Times

Posted by fadzarafidelic on March 27, 2009

Love is blind. But when people,maybe u or me, talked about love, do we really know what is love? Love can be for the only One. The love of religion,that is undoubtedly the highest degree of love as a Muslim. But love with human being, do we really know it? Do we? Exceptions to the married and family person.

What is love when you didnt appreciate one when i comes? What does it mean to have someone and then lost? How does it feel to be loved once you are heart broken? Sometimes honestly my feelings are numb and i cant feel it anymore. I forgot how it used to feel. But sometimes,there’ll be one person who came by just for a lil while, to spur it back to us. Then again its gonna be long gone. We lost it again but we feel it this time,except its out of reach.

You will dream about it in a row later, and wondering why it kept haunting you while you are about to get ready to head off to a new zone. Is it a signal that its still there? or is it just a wind that blew us to make us realize that its still there? Nonsense… doesnt make any sense at all.. its weird! I dont get it. Two nights in a row?

You must be wondering now “what the heck is tis dude tryna pull here?a magic trick?”

Nope.. no magic, I know u find this a lil bit twisted and inside out, but yeah,thats how i feel now. Dammit,why now? Then came a new flower…several stating their intent, but not now please, im all mixed up,maybe yeah but maybe know. Im re-discovering myself again now,coz its lost!

Well whatever it is, im sure you dont get it…yeah you who read this. Dan ayat macam statute law dah.

For you who i mean in here to meant here, you know you… its you..two times..was it you?


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