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Street Photography while waiting for Jeopardice to get on stage

Posted by fadzarafidelic on March 8, 2009

Oh well

Oh well

Yesterday Jeopardice band performed at Lanai Warisan Seni at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. They played 3 songs namely In Evita,Yang Tercipta and Yow. Me, Nasir (jeopardice’s drummer),Emmi(Nasir’s gf) and Khai arrived at 520pm at Jalan TAR. Whole of KL poured with rain!! and i love it as it soothes me and the whether is nice. Since sound check pun pukul 740, and the rest of the bandmates still on their way and lil late sebab hujan lebat and jammed, we decided to lepak2 minum at mapley nearby.

Afterward we decided that we wanna go jalan2 along the way since Emmi wanna go window shopping. The rain had stopped and the feel was nice. Rase cam kat UK je hahahahahah!!! Macam jela…tapi dekat gile jedgn Chow Kitt.

Nasir,Khai and Emmi

Nasir,Khai and Emmi

So we went here and there along the way. And i took the chance to make a few snapshots while we were walking along the way. I’d figure that i could get some nice photos of KL simple life during that time. Got my Tokina 12-24mm all geared up, LETS GO!(hah?)

Merentas Zebra!

Merentas Zebra!

hoh…tapi cuak jugak sebab kejap2 renyai hujan,takot je camera nih rosak kena air ke hape plak kang! But the whether is nice since ade wet wet on the surface on the road. Agak licin la sbb pakai slipar je… tapi jalan jugak pdulik kan!

Newspaper and Magazines vendor

Newspaper and Magazines vendor

Newspaper vendor

Newspaper vendor

Oh well, i saw lotsa color of life there since its been awhile aku xjalan kaki area KL. Dulu time “muda-muda” rajin la.HHehehehhehehehe……. at 740pm Jeopardice did their soundcheck full power with Pyan, Nasir, Azan, Wan and Pito. Its as expected lotsa crowd still dont really understand what Jeopardice’s music all about, guess korg kne tunggu album Jeo kuar la.

Lepas soundcheck all of us went to have a drink at the same Mapley ealier while waiting for their turn to play

Empty Chair filling up the space

Empty Chair filling up the space

Si pembuat Teh Tarik

Si pembuat Teh Tarik

There was also Awan Band last night. Nice song well played by Ullie and the band. Awan Band main dalam Hujan. Jeopardice asyik kena main dalam hujan je, Kami concert pun dalam hujan jugak…sighz


Go Jeo…Go Me…aku nak grad…aku tanak sangkut ape2…aku nk buat assignment…baru igt xsiap lagi…demmit!

“I will our class with tasbih kafarah and surah al-Asr” (IIUM style jyeah!)


6 Responses to “Street Photography while waiting for Jeopardice to get on stage”

  1. 1412 said

    bermain mata dengan si pembuat teh tarik.
    teruk taste kau lah.

  2. hafizally said

    *klu ade mnman / mknn kt atas meja tu kan…mst ta terjatuh….


  3. Wani Ardy said

    baru nak merajuk sebab gambar tade atas ni, gambar liyana ada pulak. tengok bebetul baru nampak hihihi. hi liyana! XD

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