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Good Mornoon

Posted by fadzarafidelic on February 28, 2009

Umi and her family

Umi and her family

Saturday,Feb 28th 2009. Today i woke up at 1030am supposedly to assist my friend for his wedding job nearby here. But he was unable to fetch me as he was also late and was rushing. So probably i’ll drop by to assist him in the noon or something. Since i’ve promised him. So its very very odd for me if i made a promise and i didnt make it. And today when i woke up i was like,hey nanti gi kacau Umi la sok sok she dah nk fly New Zealand. Then baru la teringat die dah pun fly, and i did came by to wish her luck. Aiseh…kurang dah kawan skola aku kat Gombak nih.Gombak is getting lame and lame by the day coz most of my friend already moved away from here and only few of my schoolmates left. Whats left of Gombak is my friends from UIA. They’re good friends,but u still wanna have old friends too. Hape la aku merepek nih? Pagi lagi dah merapu. I’ll be going to meet my friend in awhile. Mandi pun tak lagi… ades,malas nak mandi.

Umi dude! Goodluck lah!ahakz! Ksian Firdaus keseorangan kat KL…kuikuikui

Being "serious"

Being "serious"

Tralalalalalala….well atleast IF im planning to go to New Zealand ade la kawan…IF la…duit nak makan sendiri pun xcukup!

"All lugage are to be stalled here when otw to airport" banyak tuu

"All lugage are to be stalled here when otw to airport" banyak tuu


4 Responses to “Good Mornoon”

  1. yah. gombak is lame.
    boo-yahh. hahaha.
    asyik jamm. jalan macam kena bom.
    aaa..errr.. apa lagi nak kutuk ya?

  2. Nazzeh. said

    nice photos. the two of you look sweet 😉

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