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For one reason or another

Posted by fadzarafidelic on February 27, 2009

Aku pemalu


Sumpah korang xpercaya. Well its a fact. Malu nk admit, tapi thats me man.

Situation 1….i was with my family having dinner together since my mom got some money back from the car company. so she decided to take us all for a treat. so after the dinner, the ladies (mama my adik n kakak) walk together as they wanna go window shopping. so left me and my baba at the back ushering them all the wayyyyyy till they decide that they had enough cuci mata. while i was waiting for my two sisters trying to make their HEAVY decission oh to buy or not this small purse, i sit around the area just to keep an eye on them. then came this sweet cute girl maybe From6 girl just got back from school. so keep on looking at her…i was like “bapak lah cute nye kaauuuuuu…” i thought in my clogged head. so….im gonna beranikan diri to smile and try to make a move…

She smiled back!woah!and i smiled back…but somethings feels weird,i feel warm …on my face…whats up i think..

Then dariii jaaauuuhhhhhhh kakak aku dh melolong…”WOI! USHA AWEK TAPI BLUSHING!! DARI DULU SAMPAI SEKARANG…GILE LOSER!!”

argh aku blushing!lagi!!susah sgt keeee nk control ensem(xnk blush) ni?!!?!?siot siot!

Situasi dua: i was with my fren we called him Burong at this photocopy center,then theres this standout girl walking pass by us,Burong was like “wei wei…tuh tuh..leh?leh?” so i was like… “damn cun siyal!”

so when the girl gets closer and closer…i keep on looking at her..and she look back! and i dont wanna look away. tanak kalah kali nih…skali die senyum! i was…dem..senyum and was like..nothing happen…

Burong was like “pergh!penakut kau nih rupenye,die dh tggu kau tego die..kau senyap?!?!?!”


Azim pggl aku L

Mcna pggl aku L

Aimee pggl aku L

Siti cakap aku L

hampeh…ye la kot…dem

Aku.Saya.Me.I.Moi.Yo soy.Wo.Ngo.

Aku.Saya.Me.I.Moi.Yo soy.Wo.Ngo.


4 Responses to “For one reason or another”

  1. malu? blah lah kau.
    muka tak tau malu, adalah.

    *tumbuk perut*

  2. adahjay said

    NANI???? majidei? x caye aku!

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