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KLpac-Taman Melati-Taman Melawati-Curve-Ampang-Gombak

Posted by fadzarafidelic on February 21, 2009

Today i was with a good friend of mine Salwa. We decided today that we’re gonna go to KLpac for audition for the new play called “Mak Yong: Titis Sakti” Well at least she is.. I back off after seeing that it involves dancing and singing which is yes…i really suck at. It was fun seeing the audition although the one i witnessed was only one with Salwa in it haha. And not only malays showed up for the audition, but there was also this very sporting chinese guy trying out…he a lil bit keras for the dance part,but at least he tried. And yeah daughter of Azianerdawaty was there too. She looks kinda cute hehehehe gatal!

While Auditioning for the play

While Auditioning for the play

On the opposite studio, there was kinda salsa like dance was being practice there. I was pre-occupied with the way they teached all of em. Its facinates me =)

After to KLpac,we went to print wedding storyboard and yes i dragged Salwa along, and since we were both lapar gile, we decided to take late lunch at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa. Yummy but Teh Ais tawar. Sebat jugak.

Fooling around with my camera at Nasi Lemak

Fooling around with my camera at Nasi Lemak

So we went to Curve to meet my friend from UTM skudai. Since its like so quick, we just talked for awhile then me n Salwa gamble on watching movie Changeling…Unique movie..based on true story too. Balik pergi pasar malam hanta dia balik.

Then it hits me again… I miss this girl… I still do. I wonder how the heck this girl give a big impact on me previously. I was short, but for me its sweet. Damn, internet bapak slow.. malas dah nk tunggu load page. Tido dulu. Esok 330pm jumpe client. Insyallah dapat bisnes. Doa2kan kawan2 berjaya:)


2 Responses to “KLpac-Taman Melati-Taman Melawati-Curve-Ampang-Gombak”

  1. nice experience my sister, I also want to go there after read your story… oh.. practice a new dancing style…

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