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The Past,The Present,The Memories,The Smile,The End

Posted by fadzarafidelic on February 1, 2009

I just got back from shooting Wani Ardy’s cover EP photo at PD for “Askar”. There were 7 of us. Ikmal Ibrahim couldnt make it as he got some other stuff to do. There were me, Omar, Along, Wani, Sharir(?), Ikim and Helmy. I was so tired that i ran out of ideas on what angle to take,what should i do..which side is better,how to suit with the theme.Payah, memandangkan January is a fun(?) filled with jobs. Its the first time for me that i have a full month with photo jobs to do.

Other than photoshooting for Wani’s EP, we went for a swim at PD near Bayu Beach Resort. 20mins bfore that i realize things keeps on reminding me of someone. Not my ex…but someone who was never and didnt get to be mine. Though how much i want her to be mine and make her happy, there’ll always a big barrier that will stop us. Not from either family..no,but something so complicated that drives us to make out own way.

Might sound kinky or lembik or gelabah, but lately things keeps reminding me of her. Macam “bullshit” kan? Nak cakap pun rasa macam sampah je. But yes,just now 3-4 things keep on reminding me of her. Coz she always say the same thing and did what she always did in certain situation.

The thing we tought it'll gone forever

The thing we tought it'll gone forever

When i was on my way back i was thinking of calling her. I remember she told me “if awk tak pergi,saya terpaksa pergi”. Since i cant and i mean CANT coz im “stucked” with this cousy nice warm feelings once again,she stand her ground and make the decision for the best. Yes I MISS HER…its been a long time that i could accept a person of what they are. Its weird, she makes me smile all the time…she just being herself. I just dont mind. Its been a year past since my long term relationship. Shes the first from the rest after the long term to make me have “it feeling” again

But shes not mine…

Shes a catch

She might not be perfect

But she is what she is…

And I regret i met her,coz now i cant stop thinking about her,and im glad shes been a blessing to me. Doesnt take long for my side to like her and asked her sometimes when im about to go out “Mana dia?Lama dah die tak datang rumah..ape jadi?”

Answer? “Erm…haluan sendiri,for the best”

I wish i could just here from her once again…even its on SMS..even just “Hi pakcek!”

On vi a jour le jour

Januari berlepas…..Selamat Pagi Febuari


9 Responses to “The Past,The Present,The Memories,The Smile,The End”

  1. hellmy said

    ko ni nyaahhh… jiwang plak! XD

  2. wanieanuar said

    cheer up! don’t be so sad..


  3. hafizally said

    geram mak……


  4. along said


  5. Wani Ardy said

    shahril lah.

    fadza jangan emo-emo. nanti saya cubit.

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