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Jeopardice Live Recording @ Audiomas Studio

Posted by fadzarafidelic on January 27, 2009

Jeopardice Live Recording @ audiomas studio

The band started setting up at 1230am Micing, drums, percussions, guitars efx and bass and the sound and all. The band is now 10years old and yet to release any EP. The only thing they have is old demo version of their song.Such as Yow, Original Sin. They have previously performed at Rock The World IV,NTV7 1,2-Jus,ROTTW soundstage and several others. Now the band is currently mixing few songs and expected to release In Evita for Xfm in less than a month time. The recording session started with all of then free jamming a “sendiri bikin” jazz song as a warm up. They were very darn good,coz i was there and felt like watching Eric Johnson or Steve Vai’s concert. And i did a lil percussion as to ruin the song hahaha!

L-R Wan(Guitar),Pito(Percussion),Nasir(Drum),Azan(Bass),Pyan(Vox)

L-R Wan(Guitar),Pito(Percussion),Nasir(Drum),Azan(Bass),Pyan(Vox)


Jeopardice is Pyan on vocal,Nasir on drum,Wan on guitar Azan on bazz and Pito on Percussion. Pito is a multi musician.Last nite he prove he can free jazz with Azan’s bass and I  was like…daaayyuumm!!

So did other members of Jeopardice. They are all respected musician in indie scene

Try to find then at Myspace or Facebook for more details.

Me?Im just thei photog:D


3 Responses to “Jeopardice Live Recording @ Audiomas Studio”

  1. hafizally said

    nak gama lagi…kol6 pg baru balik….mst super bnyk gama

  2. fadzarafidelic said

    ade…tp kne release slow2
    bru cool hahahha

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